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carbon jewelry

Created by an innovative team of artisans, the Carbon Jewelry 'Cities' collection is a combination of their passion and advanced jewellery crafting skills, designed for confident and ambitious men and women with a unique sense of style.

Established by three old friends based in Italy, this collection has been created with a minimal, modern and highly recognisable design.

The collection is diverse and consists of 12 styles that have names of those cities that have inspired their creation.

Each bracelet can be completely customised by choosing the dimensions, the metals and the precious stones - making it truly yours. 

The Artisan Process

During the production process, thousands of very thin carbon threads are twisted to form a flexible fabric that can be modelled into different shapes, giving each style a hint of tailoring.

Carbon Fiber is composed mostly of carbon atoms bound together in microscopic crystals and the key to carbon fiber’s properties is its unique microscopic crystalline structure which gives one of the most astonishing weight-to-strength ratios. 

The production process is a continuous challenge that requires the work of several artisans and engineers willing to share their secrets, which is why the collection is synonymous with timeless luxury, simplicity and elegance in layers of pure fiber and diamonds.

Carbon Jewelry relies on the Italian craftsmanship tradition,
best known for its excellent professional influences in the jewelry sector and every jewel is handmade to be a unique piece.

To discuss how to design your own unique piece of Carbon Jewelry and to find out more information about shopping the collection in Dubai email our team on

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