The Haute Couture Collection by Leo Camerini


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The new LEO30 Handbag with Natural Multicoloured Feathers

small size: W23CM X H18CM X D12CM

Introducing the exquisite new collection by Leo Camerini. Described by the designer himself as "a mysterious jungle of colours and shades re-shaped into a marvellous embroidery", each new style is the ultimate luxury accessory. 

This LEO30 Handbag is an explosion of natural feathers hand embroidered in electric blue, metallic olive green and white dots. All of the hardware is in yellow gold plated brass and the handbag comes with a detachable shoulder strap.


LC_HC_2019_11.jpg                   LC_HC_2019_10.jpg

The new 3.3 Handbag  with Sequins, Pearls and Organdy

small size: W21CM X H16CM X D11CM

Adorned with a spectacular embroidery of  red, black and gold square metallic sequins, two-tone pearls and organdie ribbons, this is a multicolour dream come true. Each element of this handbag is finished to perfection: from the hand stitched sequins to the lambskin lining and gold plated clasp. 

The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap and slim pockets inside for credit cards and other personal dcuments.


LC_HC_2019_4.jpg                   LC_HC_2019_7.jpg

The new Gemelle Clutch with Sequins and Cuvettes

size: W24CM X H14CM X D9CM

An iridescent glow of shimmering sequins and adorned with a precious Green Jasper stone clasp, this clutch is the most elegant way to ensure that you sparkle on any occasion. Each round metallic sequin and cuvette is hand-embroidered to create a nuanced green and black effect. The yellow gold-plated chain allows you to wear this beautiful bag in two ways, for whichever way the mood takes you, and with two compartments, there is plenty of room for all of your important belongings. 


LC_HC_2019_5.jpg                   LC_HC_2019_8.jpg

The new Gemelle Clutch with Natural Bronze Feathers

size: W24CM X H14CM X D9CM

An intense metallic bronze effect, hand-embroidered with deep green heritage feathers, this bag comprises of two interior compartments with yellow gold plated brass hardware. 

The dark green leather is complimented beautifully with a precious red jasper stone clasp. 



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Ordini Speciali by Leo Camerini

A collection of creations that escapes from any paradigm of style and season. It is a fun and rich experience that Leo Camerini shares with the client. From that moment on she will receive an unrepeatable work of art only she will carry.


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