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Different Visions for Naracamicie, Italy

Different Visions celebrates 30 years of collaboration with the Naracamicie brand and as many years of friendship with its founder, Walter Annaratone.

The idea of ​​giving life to the book dates back to August 2018, when Rizzotti retraced the sixty advertising campaigns carried out over the years for the company, starting to imagine the "Nara" shirt in new scenarios. With Different Visions, the photographer intends to tell a personal vision of the shirt, which is no longer a "simple piece of clothing, but becomes the protagonist in the different worlds imagined, created and sought after by the photographer, without ties or bonds of any kind", as stated an official note.

The 30 shots that make up the project make the viewer travel in different worlds: from the animal kingdom to the female universe, passing through nature and travel.

"I wanted to leave my creativity totally free," Gianni Rizzotti explained in a statement. "They are images linked to my passion for photography and to the friendship and esteem that binds me to the Naracamicie brand and to the people I work with for 30 years".



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